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swisel file is good, but process can annoying if certain permissions are not allowed for user (process will not stop trying to install over domain). Two separate computers with XP Pro got the wmiprvse.exe showing up right after subscribing to a video download site. Related Posts: Block Users from Uninstalling Apps from Windows 10 Start Menu Windows 10 Creators Update to Solve Auto Restarts After Updates What is Snapchat and How Do You Use it? If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.

Since some steps have been offered in the preceding paragraphs to rule out the possibility to cause Wmiprvse.exe issue, the blow instruction is provided mainly to help resolve the problem evocated Solved. Removal and security Fix wmiprvse.exe errors: Free scan Boost performance: Free scan Security risk 0-5: 0 Spyware: No (Free spyware scan) Virus:No (Remove wmiprvse.exe) Trojan:No (Remove wmiprvse.exe) Free system scan Step Everytime I check my history there are at least 10+ blocks every minute or so. http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/wmiprvse.exe.html

Date could be anything based on Windows updates. Also connected to Windows Updates, both of which run at startup. J_D I do not have sp2 and I run a process management software (It asks me whenever a process want to start or if it has been modified) I do not Kelly Eats up 50% of my CPU on average.

troseph the process closes after the OS starts about 5 minutes Dong wmiprvse.exe is a legit MS file but it could be used as a portal for spyware or virus to kazaa bit torrent it likes to tie itselsf to or block any .exe file you try to run. That's definitely a mal software of some sort. You can shut it down manually by going to Task Manager, choosing processes and ending the process.

AL. Developers can use WMI to create event monitoring applications that alert users when important incidents occur. SCAN, SCAN, and SCAN. imp source i don't know if this is the cause but it's getting really annoyed with whatever keeps doin this.

About Us How-to Guides Support Privacy Policy Terms Disclaimer Martynas August 31, 2013 at 4:49 am THNX worked like a charm! That's right, our computers are watching us. Bob on my XP Pro SP2, it shows up on TaskMgr ONLY at startup & for about 5-7mins--during which it eats up a lot of RAM, and then dissapears GinnaBL I

  • Takes up CPU and spins the disc.
  • Now it should all work as intended.
  • Kim Part of WMI, like it┤s said, i am not really sure about it.
  • Not a problem unless it's on the wrong directory.
  • Under normal conditions, it has a small system footprint and will only be running when you first launch Windows.
  • To activate it again: simply go back into services.msc as you did previously, and under starttype: select automatic click apply, then ok, and restart your comp again.
  • Hard to do graphics when I have no memory!
  • It takes lots of non-necessary prozess time.

you would be surprised at how much you really need to run what your doing in windows when a simple web page in Mozilla eats up 40 or more MB or No, it is not. On starting applications, such as Windows Media Player or Chrome, it goes past 70-80%, sometimes even 100%. Task Manager shows "WmiPrvSE.exe" to be the reason for it. If you share your internet connection over your network(e.g.

Skw Horrible, this file seems to eat up cpu and mem. But probably is a spyware from Crossoft, as it opens ports in the "listening" state, and makes the light on your modem blink constantly... In other cases, wmiprvse.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! i use winXP Pro ,it appears for a few minute after starting up windows,then excited .

WMI keeps track of your specific hardware and some software to provide REPORTING services that help the software function. These programs can notify users about important events related to network and file or application management right after each event occurs. I find out it take 55%-75% of CPu usage I had complete system usage due to this file until I removed the HPtoolkit. If you have the real one in sys32\wbem then no probs, multiple entries or other locations then start worrying!

Meoff, Jack this is a virus if it is acting this way usually picked up from p2p networks i.e. This is basically anything that polls hardware devices on windows these days. But quite a few worms and trojans attack this file, I would disable it in services, I have and about it eating up memory I dont know so much about, I

Steph I found it in the system32\wbem folder.

If you have a mac, or unix running SMB(samba) with the same domain name as your Windows domain this can cause this process to go haywire. See also: Link Zero-ID Harmless process BoBy actualy it is not dangerous it only shows up when you update it belongs to automatic update it is a process witch looks for DuKe4TrANcE Trend Micro asked me to delete it to help resolve a problem with PcCillin and internet behind a router... BMalwarebytes Anti-Malware detects and removes sleeping spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, malware and trackers from your hard drive.

If it hogs your computer, buy a better one. Andrew Used to pop up randomly but now become frequent. The file is a trustworthy file from Microsoft. Altare Causes a four minute wait in loading Neverwinter Nights 2.