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Run Security Task Manager to check your wowexec process 2. Bo (further information) It's clean. It uses no memory for about ten minutes but right when it does a pop-up apears. Micke This is a file that works with ntvdm to handle 16-bit calls from older programs. http://upxpress.net/general/wowexec-exe.php

Identify 16-bit Programs that Are Running 1 To determine if any 16-bit programs are currently running, and identify any that are: 1. To do so, right-click a blank spot on the taskbar, and click Task Manager. 2. Why? Perhaps that is what triggered the start of WOW on your computer. *** « Last Edit: March 12, 2009, 08:10:50 AM by CharleyO » Logged Self-built desktop (8 years old) -

Definatly a bad program, or a good one that is very out dated. Generated Sat, 18 Mar 2017 12:17:17 GMT by s_za3 (squid/3.5.23) Security Task Manager Windows Processes Security Task Manager What is wowexec.exe? I then started an old (13 years !) graphics program I still use sometimes and wowexec reappeared, together with the graphics prog, both inset one space. It's used for running 16-bit or DOS programs in Win32 environment.

I have noticed that it cause interruptions when using media products, such as Windows Media Player or a video player such as DivX Player. Logged Core2Duo E8300/ 4GB Ram/ WinXP ProSP3/avast! Equinox I have the same problems, but normally WOWexec.exe isn't running until my computer starts making loud noises. If you are unsure, search your computer for wowexec.exe .

Denny " wowexec.exe", with the blank space before the name, along with "ntvdm.exe", is required for the playing of some very old games such as Tetris for Windows 3.1 (I still It hangs up and WPWIN61 (a word perfect file) says it will not allow the task manager to run - so WOWEXEC.exe will not shut down then. This process is considered to be CPU intensive. when i delete it from my system32 directory it allways is there after some refresh..

ravi I started noticing the WOWEXEC error when shutting down PC, after I had installed old Win 95 & 98 programs on my XP. André runs everytime I open calculator which is apparently a 16bit application and needs wowexec and ntvdm to run. wowexec.exe it is definitly a kind of a virus or trojan, i couldnt delete it and even when i tried to control it with zonealarm it removes itself from the controled Not sure if " wowexec.exe" is the cause but my browsers won't crash if it's not running.

  1. It starts every time you launch a 16-bit app BillyBob Windows16-bit On WindowsNT emulator - launched in conjunction with NTVDM.exe (NTVirtualDosMachine) in order to enable NT-based Windows operating systems to run
  2. you can close it if you wont but it is only a hart beat string Darkknight it blocks my IE!!!!!!
  3. See also: Link Dave Process Name: Microsoft Windows on Windows 16bit Execution Process nobody Wowexec.exe is not a dangerous file.
  4. Seth I wana to remove it from my system Koodun Jaabir There may be spyware or viruses that will run this process, but most cases it will be legitimate.
  5. redEva I've had this file and ppl i know have also!

Removal and security Fix wowexec.exe errors: Free scan Boost performance: Free scan Security risk 0-5: 0 Spyware: No (Free spyware scan) Virus:No (Remove wowexec.exe) Trojan:No (Remove wowexec.exe) General information Author:Microsoft Corp. Rich It can be a very harmful trojan. But it wouldn't do anything, even the Task manager cannot be displayed, so I've got no choice but to do a cold boot. WOWEXEC.EXE is for a 16 bit apps it stays there now and then after you have closed a 16 bit app wait for you to start another dont ...

Oh, you do not use 16bit apps? setythe1st It's supposed to be in your C:\Windows\System32\ folder. It is indented for identification perposes. As a helpful visual aid, wowexec.exe and the 16-bit executable file names are indented.

I haven't ran any 16 bit programs. Older games for you computer retards that think it blocks IE. Scott R The space definately a hack. Start Task Manager.

windows 3.1, DOS and earlier) See also: Link Andrew A blank space before its name I guess its a trojan. Well thats my opinion. It gives the system the ability to launch and utilize 16-bit applications or programs in systems that are 32-bit and higher.

You may have gotten in from some other program.

It is also possible that a virus / spyware / malware on your computer is 16bit and therefore launches wowexec.exe . It does have a space before the name under processes but I believe it to be the proper setup for this exe file as it would be a strange trojan to Member Posts: 78 SAY MY NAME! Is wowexec.exe spyware or a virus?

Microsoft Service Tech "Metalica11" A perfectly harmless executable for running old games. I am unable to stop it or remove it at this time grendel_z It is blocking my browser. One is a vital system process, and another is a hidden trojan, disguised as the usual process. It is too immmediate that this shows up for this to be coincidence.

What gives me the shits is that it actually dont work :( jdizzle so far so good! I don't remember it being there a month ago. Should you experience an actual problem, try to recall the last thing you did, or the last thing you installed before the problem appeared for the first time. Ragnar It is generally launched when using a legacy application or game.

wowexec.exe is a safe process Can I stop or remove wowexec.exe? The time now is 05:17 AM. -- Mobile_Default -- TSF - v2.0 -- TSF - v1.0 Contact Us - Tech Support Forum - Site Map - Community Rules - Terms of Its normal for wowexec to have space in task manager as it runs in conjunction with another program. Logged Core2Duo E8300/ 4GB Ram/ WinXP ProSP3/avast!

It's only needed to get 16-bit apps (mostly games) started. Having read the postings I closed it with no ill effects. Download Chrome SMF 2.0.13 | SMF © 2015, Simple Machines XHTML RSS WAP2 Page created in 0.042 seconds with 18 queries. Microsoft changed this with the invention of XP x64.

These unusual indicators are a result of wowexec.exe being so old and legacy-oriented. Yes, I am running a 16bit app on XP. (Bill gates please forgive me, haven't found any fancy windows app that works as well as our old faithful DOS friend) Question This file is shown with space at the beginning in process manager. The virus sends out links such as "check it :s http//friendshares.org/video989" in instant message programs such as skype and messenger Shane I noticed the appearance of this exe after runing www.4allmemory.com's

If you guys didn't freak out and delete the file when you saw like some king of dumbass then you could probably figure that out. I have seen people spend 5-10 minutes waiting for a program to switch phases and then when i closed this application - magically the program moved on easily. all 16 bit application shell are indented to tell them from the 32 bit processes. lues Just for reference, ( Wowexec.exe) is a normal system file (see below), it is normal for it to have a 'space' before it.

If any 16-bit programs are running, you see an entry for Ntvdm.exe, which is the virtual DOS machine that is provided by Windows XP. free 17.2.2288beta/ Outpost Firewall Pro9.3/ Firefox 52.0esr, uBlock Origin, RequestPolicy/ MailWasher Pro7.8.0/ DropMyRights/ MalwareBytes AntiMalware Premium 2.2.0/ WinPatrol+/ Drive Image 7.1/ SnagIt 10.0/ avast! Click options in the Task Manager and click show 16-bit apps. Frank Turscak some people don't read before posting..anyways repeating what has been said to those who don't read, if it has a space before the name its fine, its not a