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ive got no idea how to get rid of it! jc Seems this is quite an annoying Trojan when it's not in the System32 folder. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Why ?

Lastly, if winlogon.exe or any of the variants are found outside of system32, they are viruses. Created by Microsoft Windows, this file is safe and protected by windows system file protection. NOTE: The Windows Root is usually either "C:\WINDOWS" or "C:\WINNT" IT Pro This file is a ligit windows file, however, it is very suspectable to trojans. Finally I turned off my McAffee real-time scanning (it's a virus checker).

Adriano This is standard in Windows for authorization in logging in Max Same As All The Other Proccesses Ruel Nathaniel Winlogon is the component of Microsoft Windows operating systems that is it's the same even in Safe Mode...? Buzzy Can be dangerous and can cause application error cx0005's.

I just ended it's process in the task manager, then used search to find it in the windows/system32 folder. Use Unlocker to delete it if you cant! Scorpio Look for sign (click on this process look downwindow (Security Task Manager) Properties Microsoft signed file). This consists of programs that are misleading, harmful, or undesirable.

I did a search and found winlogon.exe in the System32 folder, and ServicePackFiles\i386. I don't know if it's a virus or trojen, but she's back on the net. I have no idea of how to fix it. its completely harmless and ther rong its not a virus its just the log in screen when u start up ur computer -.- brandon This program is required to log into

News Featured Latest Ask.com Toolbar Network Compromised Twice in Two Months Some Firefox 52 Users on Linux Left Without Sound Google Home Devices Start Playing Ads, Forcing Many to Reconsider Their Pearson This thing may or may not be the real deal, since on my machine, it shows up as file location \??\C:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exe. Viruswriters=Cant code :) On XP(sp1), You cannot delete C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\*.* or C:\Program Files\NetMeeting\*.* due to winlogon.exe. Increased memory usage for this process might indicate that it has been "hijacked".

A well problem solved for me. The simplest way to remove the offending dll file is to boot from the Windows XP cd and go into Recovery Console. Is it dangerous or not. i think it logs on at night for automatic updates SiDDharTha It is a process of WINDOWS VISTA that is needed.

Its size is 485 888 bytes. chaya Ending the real process may cause bluescreen. Zombies: Game of the YearPortalPortal 2Portal 2 Publishing ToolProject Zomboid (remove only)PS_AIO_04_C4500_Software_Min (Version: 130.0.365.000)PsychonautsPunkBuster Services (Version: 0.992)Realtek High Definition Audio Driver (Version: Faction: ArmageddonRIFTRIFT (PTS)ROCCAT Kone[+] Mouse DriverRuneScape Launcher 1.2.2 Nick This file manages Logging off and Logging on set by the user.

Terry Winlogon is pretty busy when using Remote Desktop Paul Sakrison It can or cannot be a virus... The genuine winlogon.exe resides in system32 folder, and also in service pack uninstall files, so any other place is a virus, BUT it can also be a virus in system32 folder like stated before you can get infections that use the same name or slight variations of the name. If you boot your computer in safe mode and you are still experiencing popups, chances are the malicious software attached itself to winlogon.exe SUparJErk mine sometimes hogs up to 500Mb memory,

See also: Link Cyborg i have a pc store, i sold about 3 pc's and i have this winlogon problem and i cant hide it because iam afraid if its system i had to copy the file from one of my friend computer to my cpu .... STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error} The windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000142 (0x00000000 0x00000000).

It can cause the PC to shutdown.

I deleted the registry entry and the file from the c:\windows dir. If that does not help, feel free to ask us for assistance in the forums. If you have this you should try and remove it right away... vo.andrei Difficult to remove, especially after multiple logons, because if it is a trojan, every logon reinstalls itself and alters the system backup files.

it works!! If it is not in C:\Windows\System32, it is a virus, and if it is not Winlogon.exe, but something similar, it is a virus. important file! However I now get a "winlogon.exe cannot be found" message after booting up.

I had to go into safemode delete the exe then remove it out of the registry and it was all over the show in there. Also Important to know that this File is Closely Related to the BIOS, the entire startup program, which perhaps make one understand exactly how Important this process really is. ZZ If U find it in system32 directory, save. Note* Viruses do the same for other critical windows processes, so be sure that you know which one you are looking at by double checking file sizes and other identifying details.

TS winlogon.exe located in HKLM is picked up by spyware doctor trying to access the registry. Should this exe (the "real" exe in system32) ever utilized cpu cycles when not logging in or out? A well problem solved for me. To ensure that no rogue winlogon.exe is running on your PC, click here to run a Free Malware Scan.

Derek It made my computer go crazy it was 51,000 in mem usage justin I found winlogon in HLKEY/Run other than the true winlogon of windows, and when i copy and sina This file is originally used for logging on to Windows, but certain Trojans turn this program into a worm program, constantly trying to email random domains. Otherwise, it's safe. (maybe) Simon Sometimes it pops up and sometimes it doesn't. Buzzy Can be dangerous and can cause application error cx0005's.