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In fact, the IRS treats such a gift as "two gifts in one" and slaps a 35% tax on the gift twice. Probate 8. Whether you need IRS or individual state tax forms, the SaveWealth Tax Center can help you get ready for tax season, and help you with tax planning for 2017. However, on December 17, 2010, President Obama signed the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010.

Additional Links ©2017 SaveWealth. Others do their own research, managing their investments, doing their own tax returns, and ensuring that they're ready when April 15th rolls around. When such a gift is hit once with a 35% tax... No matter how you cope with your own tax problem, there are things that you can do today to dramatically reduce the taxes that you are paying.

By becoming a SaveWealth Advisor, you get access to some of the biggest names in the financial services industry, along with turnkey services, banking products, and more. However, the new Tax Relief Act of 2010 provides for estate and gift tax rates to be unified once again. Travel Protection StormScout Traveling this week?

Income Tax Links Important links to help you search for more tax information. Creating a Second Estate Dynasty Trusts The Legacy Trust Family Limited Partnerships (FLiPs) Charitable Trusts Building on a Solid Foundation Funding Your Estate Plan Choosing a Qualified Attorney How You Can TerraMoto features a luxury fleet of hybrids, standing by to take you to and from the airport. Can I afford that new car?

With the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and the Tax Relief Act of 2001, the Estate Tax Credit has gradually been increasing. Charitable Trusts 9. All rights reserved. All rights reserved.

Tax Topic File an Extension Search by Year 2016 2015 2016 2013 2012 2011 2010 More... The Estate Tax Credit allows every American citizen to pass a certain amount of their estate to heirs tax-free. Banking 3. Tax Forms Defined 2016 Tax Law Changes 2016 Income Tax Rates Software and Supplies Tax Links Tax Forms For 2016, the tax

  1. That means $5 million of your hard-earned wealth immediately shrinks to just under $2,112,500 for your heirs, with the remainder going to Uncle Sam.
  2. Begin learning how you can become tax-savvy.
  3. Lawmakers did not want estate and gifts taxes to repeal to their original 2001 levels, especially after a year where estate taxes had completely disappeared.
  4. Estate taxes are due to the IRS only 9 months from date of death.
  5. and then again with another 35% tax, the gift is effectively reduced by nearly 60%!
  6. Unlike the Gift Tax Credit, a $1 million exclusion which can be used during one's lifetime (e.g.

Protect Yourself Against Note Fraud The SEC reports that note fraud is on the rise. For more information on the estate and gift tax rates, contact SaveWealth today! To effectively reduce taxes each year, you need a plan in place. Disclaimer | Contact Us | Ads | Privacy | Jobs | Legal | About Travel | Yellow Pages | Links | Trademarks | Newsletter | Help

The Act provided for the federal estate tax to be restored, but not to its original 2002 levels. Contact SaveWealth.com For the fastest response, please send a message to SaveWealth.com or one of our financial specialists via our website. Today, we have a myriad of options to help each of us prepare. Estate Planning Retirement Reducing Taxes Banking About Us Travel Store Important Links Advisors Contact Us Yellow Pages Privacy Policy It is tax time, and the tax filing deadline

Annuities 6. And with good reason. Make Sure You're Credit-Smart The Federal Reserve has noted credit card spending is at an all-time high. Disclaimer | Contact Us | Ads | Privacy | Jobs | Legal | About Travel | Yellow Pages | Links | Trademarks | Newsletter | Help

But in 2010, an interesting thing happened: full repeal of both estate taxes and gift taxes. Disclaimer | Contact Us | Ads | Privacy | Jobs | Legal | About Travel | Yellow Pages | Links | Trademarks | Newsletter | Help Estate Planning Retirement Now is the perfect time to: Get a Head Start on Your 2016 Taxes The 2016 SaveWealth Tax Center has tax saving tips, all-new mailing addresses, links to IRS and state

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At that level, estate owners face a new variety of planning issues. Living Trusts 5. Find out the major federal tax law changes here. Learn how to protect yourself today!

To learn more about SaveWealth Advisors and for information on joining the SaveWealth Advisors Team, click here. But saving for retirement is no easy task. And if you live in a state that imposes its own inheritance taxes, that amount could be even smaller. Introduction to Wills Living Trusts The Perils of Probate Durable and Medical Power of Attorney Taxes, taxes, taxes!

Best of all, the forms are free and ready for immediate download. In many cases, heirs and loved ones are forced to sell personal property, real property, and other belongings at below market value to pay for this huge tax bill. and if you wish to leave money to grandchildren, the estate taxes can reach almost 60%! At SaveWealth, our underlying goal is to give you the tools you need to build a nest egg...

With one of the most respected financial websites on the Internet, SaveWealth has long attracted praise and attention from the likes of CNN /Money, The Wall Street Journal, the American Institute