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Here is a guide for storage newbies. Thanks for sharing your feedback! Please feel free to ask me questions regarding your connection with Stephouse Networks, I truly enjoy helping you out! Read Article List Routers offer a wide range of useful features for home networking Read List Article The Skinny on ConnectingTwo Routers on the Same Home Network Read Article Article Why http://upxpress.net/home-network/wireless-network-suggestions.php

While some routers include browser software that lets users check for updates, firmware updating is still a tough process for many users, so in all likelihood they end up not updating Bernd Stahmer on October 15, 2016 at 12:01 pm hi there, This could be usefull: i quote from my modem: To prevent unknown PCs from connecting to the RG via Wifi, The longer and stronger the password, the safer your information.   File a Complaint with the FCC   Visit our Consumer Complaint Center at consumercomplaints.fcc.gov to file a complaint or tell This problem of insecure network usage continues today, with countless articles and advisories regularly released to help inform people on how to properly secure their personal and professional wireless networks. […] Reply

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Turn Off The "Admin Via Wireless" Feature on Your Wireless RouterYou can help prevent hackers from taking control of the administrative features of your wireless router by turning off the "admin By Keith Shaw Multimedia Content Editor / Cool Tools columnist, Network World | Jul 1, 2013 7:00 AM PT Credit: Thinkstock Related Wi-Fi tweaks for speed freaks: 2013 edition Your Wi-Fi To further increase my wi-fi security I installed a 16 port switch and connect ethernet to all my devices (6 PC's and 2 voip services} and only use wi-fi for my

  • The fix: Power down the modem when connecting a new system.
  • Make it clear not only for yourself, but for spouses/friends who might need to fix/reset your network if you’re away on a trip (usually the most-likely time of a home network
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  • The higher up the antenna, the better.
  • Click the wireless networks tab, and check "Use Windows to Configure my wireless network settings." Disable File Sharing in Public If you're in a public place with a Net connection, it's
  • Most routers will show you connected devices, so adding an adapter's MAC address is a one-click process.
  • Face-off: HPE vs.

This simple guide shows you how to change the name of your wireless network. 2. Again, longer passwords made up of a combination of letters, numbers and symbols are more secure. Home Wireless Network Security Home Wireless Network Security Home wireless networks are exceedingly popular, in large part because they enable computers and mobile devices to share one broadband connection to the Encryption scrambles the data in your message so that only the intended recipients can read it.  When a website address starts with "https" instead of "http," that indicates that encryption is

Consumer Help Center Learn about consumer issues - visit the FCC's Consumer Help Center at www.fcc.gov/consumers.  Date Last Updated/Reviewed:Tuesday, October 25, 2016Bureau/Office:Consumer and Governmental Affairs Tags: Consumers - Online privacy - Home Network Design Be safe and secure There are a few other things you can do to secure your wireless network, but for the most part, you can secure your wireless network at home by simply creating Even though the option is still available for legacy reasons, avoid WEP encryption as it can be cracked in minutes. Use only WPA2, which introduces a new AES-based encryption for better security http://www.computershopper.com/feature/the-best-computer-tips-and-tricks-wireless-home-networking The fix: Do some pre-planning, and know the layout (square footage) of the home you want to cover.

Here are a few funny SSID names to help get you started. SPI examines packets' content and behavior before granting access, and NAT hides all PCs connected to the router from the Internet, "translating" their IP addresses into private ones that are unreachable When you must transmit sensitive information, using your cellphone data plan instead of Wi-Fi may be more secure. PAUL CUCU JR.

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Please try again. navigate to this website WPA2 might not work with some older versions of Windows, so keep that in mind if you run into any issues. Home Networking Guide However, the actual effectiveness of this is dubious, since it's trivial to spoof a MAC address. Best Wireless Router Home Wi-Fi systems and public Wi-Fi access points, or "hotspots," generally will inform you of the encryption they use.

Do check my blog @ http://www.networkingbasicfundamentals.blogspot.com as i go through the basic of network security! http://upxpress.net/home-network/wireless-home-networking.php Read Article Article Can You Make a Home Theater Wireless? You couldn’t know this beforehand , but the local bar owner didn’t secure his Wi-fi. This article can act as a guide to ensure the security of home wireless security.

Request Accessible Format To request this article in an accessible format - braille, large print, Word or text document or audio - email [email protected], or write the address or call the To help people, especially those who are not security savy, comply with #10 I suggest checking out GEARS by OPSWAT. Read More> 12 Ways to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network By Eric Griffith 10.14.2016 Worried about the security of your Wi-Fi connection? check my blog Secure your wireless network NOTE: To change your router's setting you will first need to access the router setup menu.

There’s really no excuse not to: Every Wi-Fi router bearing the Wi-Fi trademark today supports it, as does every wireless device and Wi-Fi adapter card made in the last few years. This causes potential problems once something bad happens – like the freak thunderstorm that knocks out power, and you get the phone call asking for help again (our first tip – Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website Stephouse NetworksPagesAbout Services Stephouse Networks Blog Contact Terms of Service The LatestHow to watch March Madness online This week the 2016

Figure out where you’re going to need most of the wireless network coverage (living room, den or kids’ bedroom?), and place the router there if possible.

Read More> Is It Time to Upgrade Your Wireless Router? The fix: Most vendors recommend placing the router in an open space – hallways are optimal – and to be as close to the center to the home as possible. It almost doesn’t matter how strong your password is or if your software is up to date, if cybercriminals can just hijack your Wi-Fi data. Free tools can help you analyze your home network’s wireless signal strength to help you determine channels with less “noise”.

Many routers are riddled with security holes that leave your data exposed to enterprising hackers and other intruders. This can severely limit the wireless performance of the router. In the properties of your network adapter, uncheck the appropriate box. news Use anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your computer, and use similar apps on your devices that access your wireless network.

Get our Daily News newsletter Go Microsoft’s Azure cloud storage had a rough night On Wednesday night into the early morning hours of Thursday Microsoft reported that its Azure cloud... Also – turn off remote management. Forget MAC address filtering The MAC (media access control) address is a unique identifier hardcoded to individual ethernet ports and Wi-Fi devices. And if youre tempted to use a public Wi-fi hotspot, you really need to follow these 11 […] Reply Weekly Security Roundup - Heimdal Security Blog on November 11, 2016 at

Here are 10 things you can do about it. Unauthorized users may be familiar with the default passwords, so it is important to change the router device's password as soon as it is installed. One is TKIP, but it’s a pretty old encryption method first developed with WPA, so it’s not very secure. And even those Wi-Fi networks that can autoupdate sometimes require you to switch on this setting.

Read More> 7 Router Features You Should Be Using for Better Wi-Fi By David Chernicoff 11.03.2015 Sure, they bring Internet to your devices, but today's routers do so much more. And thank you for the kind words! The fix: When connecting new Windows machines to the network, make sure the policy is set to “Home”, to allow sharing. While changing the Wi-Fi password and name are good security measures of their own, go one step further and change the name of the network admin and the associated password.

Read Article Article Security Pro Tip: How to Make Your Wireless Router Invincible to Hackers Read Article Article Quick Tip: How to Encrypt Your Wireless Network Read Article Article How to Reply David Day says: July 25, 2013 at 3:04 pm Thanks for the pointers, Matt. That old cell phone or laptop that you use occasionally may be bringing down your performance, because wireless systems act on the “lowest common denominator” principle, setting the router’s performance to