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Word 97 Drop-down Lists In On-line Forms


The first, while a nuisance, is minor and inconsequential. For Word 2010/2013 users, right click anywhere in the ribbon, select "Customize the Ribbon," in the right hand panel, check "Developer." Add content controls to the form as follows: Place cursor To define set properties for an individual content control, perform the following: Select the content control in the document. Still, there has to be something else to make the effort worthwhile. http://upxpress.net/in-word/word-2003-forms-being-used-in-word-2007-and-creating-new.php

Finally the Exit routine closes the recordset and connection and clears their object variables. You can do this using the Restrict Formatting and Editing task pane. They are packed with code snippets, illustrations and step-by-step exercises. Open the list marked Run macro on...

Word 2013 Form Tab Order

Content within the boundaries of the individually grouped controls are unrestricted. You might use this method if you knew in advance what those items needed to be, and that they were unlikely to change regularly (because this would mean changing the code). Here's how it's done in a Word form...

its value is zero) the macro clears the second Dropdown and exits. Content controls certainly have a place in modern Word forms. Modifying and building on the basic form to create a more functional form There are several basic steps that you can take to improve and add functionality to the basic form. Set Tab Order In Word 2010 Form All of the alternatives however, preserve and keep enabled many Word features that are disabled when traditional legacy editing restrictions are used and resolve the tabbing between checkbox issue.

Conclusion Preparing this tips page has been fun, but it has become longer than I envisioned and it is time to wrap it up. Change Tab Order In Word Form Next an SQL statement is built, using the strDepartment variable value in its WHERE clause. Layout While content controls can be inserted directly into a document, it is easier to fix their location and create a profession look by incorporating a table in your form design. The latter is significantly more problematic.

The example I have used here has a form which includes two Dropdown form fields (Dropdown1 and Dropdown2). Legacy Forms Vs Activex Controls In Word Open the Visual Basic Editor and add a code module to your Word document (right-click on the document in the Project Explorer and choose Insert > Module): Solution 1: Hard Coding This requirement is not unusual and is a feature often seen on web forms. This Microsoft Word Help & Tips page will show you how to create a functional content control form "similar" to the insurance application form example that Dian uses in part 2

Change Tab Order In Word Form

Basic form with fill-in plain text and checkbox content controls Restrict Editing — Filling in forms As with any form, a Word content control form is supposed to maintain "form." You Bonus Tip: When defining dropdown list and combobox list properties. Word 2013 Form Tab Order Open the list marked Run macro on... Dependent Drop Down List Word 2010 [email protected] The Anchorage Personal website of Gregory K.

The user tabs/clicks his or her way through the form filling in the information requested. my review here Support this site! Earlier in this demonstration and discussion, I elected to use traditional editing restrictions to prevent form users from altering my form design and layout. A Thousand and One Arabian Nights is no problem at all!! Tab Between Fields In Word 2013

  1. Solution 2: Getting the List Items from a Database...
  2. There are some disadvantages using either of these methods.
  3. Select control and display the properties dialog For the functional form, I'm going to replace the checkbox controls in the basic form with dropdown list controls.

Sub CascadeList() If ActiveDocument.FormFields("DropDown1").DropDown.Value = 0 Then ActiveDocument.FormFields("Dropdown2").DropDown.ListEntries.Clear Exit Sub End If Select Case ActiveDocument.FormFields("Dropdown1").Result Case "North" With ActiveDocument.FormFields("Dropdown2").DropDown.ListEntries .Clear .Add "Iceland" .Add "Finland" .Add "Norway" .Add "Sweden" End With Case As with the grouping method, the form appears to have traditional editing restrictions applied. Share PAYMENTS/DONATIONS Do you want to make a payment for consulting work or donate to help supportthis site? click site When you reach the last form content control, tabbing stops.

I'll demonstrate the other methods and explain "albeit practically useless" later in the discussion. Word Vba Userform Make a small donation to help support this site. If you use it for commercial purposes or benefit from my efforts through income earned or time saved then a donation, however small, will help to ensure the continued availability of

The first Dropdown has a list of Departments.

You have two Dropdown form fields (combo boxes) on a Microsoft Word form and you want the contents of the second Dropdown list to depend upon the selection the user made The "The click here to enter text." placeholder text is created by default when rich text and plain text content controls are created and inserted in a document. The only remaining viable option, that I know of, is to simply set the placeholder text to to nothing and let the form design itself serve as the visual cue for Legacy Form Fields Word 2013 Note: I have a summary and a steadily growing collection of subject articles on content controls beginning here: Content Controls.

The Countries in the list depend upon which Region was chosen. Or using a simple VBA procedure VBA Script: Copy to clipboard Sub SetEditableRegions() 'This procedures makes every CC in the main text 'area of a document an 'editable" region in 'documents All rights reserved. navigate to this website Moving beyond legacy forms Let's face it.

By applying the techniques described above, I feel that form designers can create a content control form that equals in nearly every case what legacy form designers can produce. How it Works The first part of the macro is an If Statement that checks whether the user has made a choice from the first Dropdown. The second Dropdown has a list of Countries. If this is your case, then the content control placeholder text issue may be insurmountable.

The second Dropdown has a list of names. Search my site or the web using Google Search Engine Enter your search terms Submit search form Web gregmaxey.com This page was last updated on December 14, 2016 Website Privacy StatementBack Locked Rich Text Control Method The second, slightly more involved method, is to select the entire form content, apply a rich text content control and set the properties of the control Create Forms with Content Controls(A Microsoft Word Help & Tip page by Gregory K.

VBA Script: Copy to clipboard Sub SetSimplePlaceholderText() Dim oCC As ContentControl Dim strText As String For Each oCC In ActiveDocument.ContentControls Select Case oCC.Type Case 0, 1 'Rich text and plain text Restrict Editing — No changes (Read only) with Exceptions To employ this method you do not need any group or grouping rich text content controls. We have given the form a professional look We have eliminated the problem using form checkboxes in general and the specific problem of using content control checkboxes in forms with editing