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After it opens, click "File," "Save as" and then set the "Save as type" to "Excel Workbook." Re-save your file to create a current Excel copy. Microsoft.com. 2003-09-09. Use the two scrollbars, the one to the right and the one at the bottom, to move vertically or horizontally through a large spreadsheet. 4Press Tab to complete the entry and Version 4.5a is particularly noted in this respect. navigate to this website

Both the column and row can be locked, I.E. $C$4.

_____________________________________________________ Edit the contents a selected cell by using the Cell Editing Bar at the top of the screen.

Format selected Premium 10 Works Suite 2006[29] $99.99 before $20 rebate Works 8.0 Word 2002 Encarta Standard 2006 Money 2006 Standard Streets & Trips Essentials 2006 Digital Image Standard 2006 Works Plus 2008 Retrieved 21 July 2016. ^ "Microsoft Home Essentials 97 Produced by... - Chicago Tribune". If you used an even older version, you can re-save the file as an Excel formatted file from within Works.

Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Download

How to Open an ODS in MS Office How to Skip Printing Rows That Have a Cell Value of Zero in MS Excel 2003 Also Viewed How to Draw a Graph The first character of a value cell must be a =,+, -, or number. Works is "smart" enough to keep your formulas in the new area. Some popular spreadsheets are Microsoft Excel and Lotus 1-2-3.

There are hundreds of functions, ome common functions are listed below: Sum a range with =SUM(Range)

Average of a range =AVG(Range)

Future Value =FV(payment, Rate*, Term*)

Payment =PMT(principal, Rate*, Term*)

Even in the final version (Version 9.0), the Windows 95-era icons and toolbars were not updated to make them consistent with later application software. an example is calculating marks, or income taxes. How To Use Microsoft Works Spreadsheet You can change data by simply typing over it.

Change column width or row height by selecting the placing the mouse pointer between the columns/rows headings in the gray area to

The individual cells of the grid are formed by the intersection of a row with a column, so a cell is identified by a column letter followed by a row number. You'll need to uncheck the [x] Auto Series Labels item in order to enter your own label for the data. -- Using the various Charting Menu commands, you can ‘pretty up' Retrieved 21 July 2016. ^ Inc, InfoWorld Media Group (28 July 1986). "InfoWorld". In addition to the core programs, each version of Works Suite also included programs such as FoneSync in 2001, and PowerPoint Viewer beginning in 2005.

and preview how it will look. Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Converter Retrieved 2013-06-15. ^ "Microsoft Introduces Home Essentials 98". The database management system, while a "flat file", i.e. note that, when a range is selected, the entire range is boxed but the first cell is not highlighted.

  • In Column D, cells contain a formula such as =If(C2=B2,"Correct","").
  • Fill down or copy into each row with a question.
  • There are two types of cell entries: Values and Labels.
  • Photo 7.0 Works Suite 2004[27] $99.99 before $15 rebate Works 7.0 Word 2002 Encarta Standard 2004 Money 2004 Standard Streets & Trips 2004 Picture It!
  • select Fixed, and enter the number of decimal places desired (perhaps ‘0').
  • Your current cell address (or range) is in the top left corner of your screen.
  • or click on the left-align, right-align, or center-align buttons to line up the text in that column...

Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Tutorial

Retrieved 2013-06-15. ^ "Six Complete Microsoft Software Titles in One Make It Easier for Households to Get More Done". If you want to convert up to XLSX, load the XLS in Excel and re-save it again using the "Excel Workbook" file type. Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Download After saving the spreadsheet for the first time, you can keep working on it if you like; just click the Save button on the toolbar or choose File→Save to save any Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Formulas Top of Page Open Works files in Office 2010 Works 6.0 or later If your Works files were saved in Works 6.0 or later, you can open them directly in Office

A cell is the intersection point of a column and a row in a spreadsheet. http://upxpress.net/microsoft-works/works-calendar.php relative addresses in Other Concepts

Insert a row or column by first clicking on the Row or Column heading below or to the right of the area you wish to insert Retrieved 2013-06-15. ^ "Microsoft Offers Six Essential Software Applications In One Box for Value-Conscious Home PC Owners". In the example above, the highlighted numbers 5,6 and 7 in the formula bar can be removed by pressing the DELETE key on the keyboard and replaced with different numbers. Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Templates

Open a new spreadsheet, and enter the following data: -- (data is from Vancouver Tourism's website:http://www.vancouvertourist.com/) A couple of tricks! -- When you start typing the title in cell B1, notice Microsoft.com. 2002-09-05. Follow Us Facebook Science, Tech, Math Humanities Arts, Music, Recreation Resources About Us Advertise Privacy Policy Careers Contact Terms of Use © 2017 About, Inc. — All rights reserved. my review here Notice that the first cell in the range isn't highlighted-- a source of endless confusion!

To change it, select that cell, Click on cell B16, then click on the Format menu, then on Number... Download Microsoft Works When writing cell references the column letter always comes first.

So, instead of writing this formula in cell C1:

= 3 + 2

write this instead:

= A1+ A2

Note: When A1:A10; horizontal I.E.

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Open Excel, click "File" and then "Open." Change the type selection to "All Files" and select your Works spreadsheet. The formulas in column E in the image above calculates a store's first quarter sales by adding the sales for each month.

In addition, if you change the data MS Works A range is referred to by the top-left and bottom-right cells, with a colon in between-- B3:D7 You can type a number of things into a cell: -- labels are words, Microsoft Works Free Download For Windows 7 It does not however support subscribing to iCalendar files or publishing them online via WebDAV.

In addition to retail sales, Works Suite was included with the purchase of a new computer by several manufacturers, notably Dell and Gateway. See Features » Join more than 1,872,426 people in the Aploader community Download Free for Windows! » By downloading this software you are agreeing to the end-user license agreement. Most used formats are Comma, Currency and Percent. get redirected here Make selections that you like, and click OK. -- Note that different types of data lend themselves to different chart types.

Retrieved 2013-06-15. ^ "Microsoft Announces Works Suite 2000, The Complete Software Solution for the Home". Arithmetic with spreadsheets: Addition: =15 + 30 =B3 + D7 Subtraction: = 30-15 =B3 - D7 Multiplication: = 30 * 15 =B3 * D7 Division: = 30/15 =B3/D7 Exponent: = Spreadsheets are popular computer application for working with numbers. Works was later bundled with Word as Works Plus 2008, but made available only to OEMs.

If you are using Microsoft Works spreadsheet, my recommendation: 1) Open any important spreadsheets that you've made using MS Works, use the File/Save As menu, and save in Excel (*.XLS) format. Any cell that contains a displayed letter is a label. To open an existing spreadsheet so you can make changes to it, choose File->Open to locate and open it. 2Click in a cell.When you click in a cell, it's surrounded by Cell Reference Facts

To keep track of all these cells, each cell has a cell reference or address.

be sure that you have arranged you X and Y axis appropriately. v t e Office suites (list) Desktop Free Apache OpenOffice Calligra Suite LibreOffice NeoOffice Proprietary MobiSystems OfficeSuite ThinkFree Office iWork WPS Office Microsoft Office SoftMaker Office WordPerfect Office ConceptDraw Office Discontinued functions are applied to whatever is inside the parentheses. A rectangular group of cells is referred to as a range.

Local US & World Sports Business A&E Life Jobs Cars Real Estate Skip to main content. I got it from PC Magazine's helpful User-to-user column (http://www.pcmag.com). Note that all formulas start with an equal sign (that's how the spreadsheet knows it's a formula!): = 25 + 17 + 44 <-- simply adds the three numbers = B3 or on the $ button to make any numbers formatted as currency: (Back to work on our Vancouver Climate worksheet): After you've entered the labels and numbers for the 12 months,

To open a spreadsheet in Works 4.5,chooseFile/New and click on the Spreadsheet button (You may have to click on the Works Tools tab. A 'Works Portfolio' utility offers Microsoft Binder-like functionality. Retrieved 2013-06-15. Software out-of-date?

Two are most often used by ‘everyday' people: =Sum to add all the numbers in a range: =sum(A5:D15) =Avg to get the average of all the numbers in a range: =avg(A5:D15)