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Windows XP - Format Interaction Glitch W/columns

You'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others. DXL PI26101 Lower() and upper() perms do not work with extended ASCII accented characters. All licensees receive at least one free update. Update to Cox regression - copes with more unusual data. Source

Ver. 3.0.129 [beta] (2nd December 2014) Extended time series summary statistics. Globalization ‌PI10172 Incorrect Japanese translation about the discussions feature in Knowledge Center. Content Tab navigation Release 9.6- selected tab, 9.5 9.4 9.3 9.2 DWA pre-9.5 Support Resources IBM Rational Software Support Communities Visit the IBM Support Portal to configure your support portal experience Remove category residual convergence rule. 3.43 1-24-2003 Table 14 pairwise bias/interaction report 3.42 1-6-2003 Most-recently-used files in "Files" menu 3.41.2 12-10-2002 Minor additions to program User Manual. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/windows-xp-format-interaction-glitch-w-columns-color-display-background.723167/

Added control plots. Change Proposal System PI49088 Rational DOORS CPS GUI defect in Russian locale. Ver. 3.0.155 [release candidate] (3rd Septeber 2015) Updated report editor. Version 2.2.4 (25th February 2003) Improved handling of zero frequencies in relative risk meta-analysis.

  • Ctrl+F to find) now available when selecting data.
  • Updated installation system.
  • tabbed windows, MDI) pageant-unix-either-or: Agnostic agent/client mode in Unix Pageant paste-fidelity: Extra fidelity in copy and paste operations plink-background: Plink option to background after authentication portfwd-ftp: Support for tunnelling FTP print-screen:
  • Improved spreadsheet compatability with Excel.
  • Improved factorial and log factorial functions in calculator.
  • Enhancement: faster processing when there are unspecified elements Enhancement: faster processing when element identifiers are element labels Enhancement: more flexibility for element identifiers that are part of element labels: Delements= Enhancement:
  • Previewing a chart now correctly picks up legend changes.
  • rlogin-blocked: Cannot rlogin to host after uncleanly terminated connection short-rsa2-key-crash: Short RSA2 key causes PuTTY crash ssh-stuck-queue: SSH data can get stuck in a queue if session throttled ssh2-utf8-strings: SSH-2 message

DOORS Web Access PI22034 Unhelpful error code returned when user attempts to edit DWA help files from a machine that does not host the DWA Server. Export - Word PI05963 Module created/appended by exporting Word document to DOORS cannot be closed when Word export to DOORS operation is cancelled. Attributes 30859 When you define an enumeration type and then a multi-valued attribute with this type, you can now set the text color of the attribute. Documentation PI08086 DOORS Server Security documentation needs updated.

Ver. 3.0.171 (8th April 2016) Spearman's rank correlation report now includes Spearman's score, and supplies an approximate P value in the presence of ties. Object properties 27315 If the Object Properties dialog box is too small to allow all the tabs to be displayed, a left and right arrow are displayed to allow you to Modules PI19699 Cannot change edit mode after opening module in read only mode and double clicking on any other attribute column than the main column. http://newwikipost.org/topic/lF5b4U8ihORx8B1H4zuYN9rZACX8I3Sp/Display-issue-after-Re-Format.html Requires .Net version 4 or a later version to be installed on Windows.

Updated installation system. Ver. 3.0.191 (9th February 2017) New axis auto-scaling system for charts. This has been fixed. On deadline!

Ver. 3.0.197 (13th March 2017) Log10 charts now use similar axis scaling to StatsDirect 2's Forest plots: axes may start and end at *2 and *5 as well as at powers Blom and expected normal order methods added as options to normal scores. Informative: Anchorfile= output file: "Group anchor this facet and/or the other facets (please experiment to see what works):" Informative: DIF tables: "Welch" replaced by "Rasch-Welch" Informative: Output Warning (3)! Population attributable risk display suppressed for negative values Version 2.3.6 (2nd January 2004) Improved graphics export.

Hello and welcome to PC Review. this contact form Datum "3" is too big or not a positive integer, treated as missing. ; Table 7.1.1 Facet Measurement Report. ; Correct in 3.71.1 Bug in 3.71.0 ; +---------------------------++----------------- ; | Score Expanded and reorganised menus. Modules PI10994 Locks continue to exist on DOORS Modules whenever a back link creation from Rational Quality Manager to DOORS fails to get created.

Export from Word PI31723 Rational DOORS: Problems exporting from Word to Rational DOORS with a drawing containing canvas objects. Corrected cut-point calculation for quantile grouping with certain datasets. Enhanced interfaces for improved workflow. have a peek here Added Gwet's AC1 satatistic to categorical agreement analysis with two raters.

Version 1.8.2 (1 December 00) Constant addition option added to transformations where appropriate. window-title-charset: Window titles not interpreted according to current charset x11-ipv6-breakage: Reported X forwarding breakage due to IPv6 xp-stickykeys-breaks-capslock: StickyKeys inverts sense of capslock on WinXP and Win2k3 Semi-bugs These are things Triggers PI66538 Triggers do not run in batch mode unless either the project or module level specifiers are named.

It's now possible to use a data cleaning operation and replace your data in-place in the worksheet, rather than appending or creating a new sheet.

Version 3.0 Build 5209 - [FIX] Fixed ratios not being set in the Splitter Op. - [FIX] Fixed a small bug in Gibbs PH flash calculation. Ver. 3.0.95 [beta] (23rd October 2013) Further R integration (stage 3: enhanced formatting of output in reports, consistent with StastDirect native functions). DXL 27549 The DXL interaction editor now displays UTF-8 files correctly. Undefined facet: Table 7 on the Output Tables menu no longer crashes if there is an undefined facet.

Citrix PI36234 Rational DOORS "CRCRD5215W: You must choose a valid export file path" when using Rational DOORS document generation via Citrix. Corrected under-estimation of Fisher-Freeman-Halton probability with some contingency tables. Fixed a rare bug of keyboard locking when typing fast with some interactive tests. http://upxpress.net/windows-xp/windows-xp-format-help.php Version 3.0 Build 5154 - [NEW] Excel Interface: added functions to return interaction parameters stored in DWSIM for a given binary / model. - [NEW] Excel Interface: saving and reading settings

Ver. 3.0.106 [beta] (24th March 2014) Improved handling of international decimal separators in expressions.