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XBox 306 Not Playing Discs.


Lis, was Microsoft support able to provide a fix for you over the phone/email? it still goes to the xbox360 dashboard but wont read any disc from game, dvd, to music its says "unplayable disc" or "open tray" and all my games are brand new That's actually going to be my next step. What a noise that was. http://upxpress.net/xbox-360/xbox-xbox-360-game-videos.php

For details about formats supported by Xbox 360, please find at Xbox 360 supported format. Anyway, the update downloaded and was installed, and my Xbox 360 was rebooted. They say it will only take 10 days, but it's already been 3, and it's a Saturday. I beleive it does it manually for you, so should my xbox already have it?

Xbox One Not Reading Discs

just somebody tell me what to do. I haven't had any problems with stability since the initial update was downloaded, thank god! Go toSettings. The whole system hangs as the controllers dont even work.

or is it ALL Xboxs that will die eventually? the freezing got more frequent and then the red lights. im pretty sure i could switch the bad drive with the good one but im not sure if it would work. Xbox One Won't Play Games I don't know but then it says Unplayable Disk.

thanks again. Also, can't MS find some customer service reps that speak clear English, when I'm calling from America? If your disc works on another Xbox One console, go to the following section, None of my discs play, or my disc isn't recognized when I insert it. no apologies, no explanations, no compensation…..shocking .

Have you seen the 3 red lights at all Rory? Xbox 360 Wont Play Games Wassco mines too old for exchange, im gonna just wait and see if there ever is a bios flash option in the future, guess ill have to get another one 🙁 Reply Anonymous says: January 12, 2012 at 11:07 PM Hi i have a benq vad6038 drive it just fails to read discs etc can i simply extract my dvd key off It only happened a couple of times and then it was happening more and more till now it wont even show the white screen it just says open tray.

Xbox 360 Not Reading Discs Says Open Tray

Must have the same model drive. but when i put in an xbox game such as halo 2 it works fine >.> i cant play any of my xbox 360 games, it keeps saying open tray.... Xbox One Not Reading Discs Important If none of your games or discs play, go to the following section, None of my discs play, or my disc isn't recognized when I insert it. My Xbox 360 Wont Read Discs How Do I Fix It Anonymous Dec 19, 2007 Reads as dvd.

I miss my PS2 - it has tons of great games and doesn't fizzle out just by SITTING IN THE LIVING ROOM FOR A MONTH WITHOUT BEING PLAYED. Get More Info there is a second xbox with reading difficulties just keeps saying open close trys to read but no go !!???? wont read any disks. Now Thank you MS, I’m 100% Sony thankfully to you !! (first time I don’t buy the Nintendo console -> Wii) Ever owned all console.. Original Xbox Wont Read Disc

Anonymous Dec 03, 2007 this is the first and last xbox i will ever own. It had the same exact problem you just described, within a month. Not sure if I wanna test it on my Xbox 360 though. useful reference alpinepawn1 Oct 01, 2008 my xbox 360 will play the music cds, but it still shows open tray or reading!we cleaned it but still nothing.

If your disc loads but your console doesn't recognize it (the console tells you to insert a disc even though you already have), see the previous section, None of my discs Xbox 360 Unrecognized Disc If you take the HDD off, and it still does that, it has nothing to do with the cache. ms dont help for crap if you want to have a 360 that works you might as well mail it in!! =( DJ Hey bout my last comment pleassssss mail me


Smiley I'm not getting any error screens, and im not going to take the risk of using the eraser fix… there might be immediate results, but noone knows what the long If the dvdkey is mismatched between the console and drive - no games will play. No error message comes up because it refuses to acknowledge there's anything in the drive! My Xbox 360 Wont Play Games I purchased my console about 9 months ago.

If the console can now read the disc, you can revert back to Instant-On power mode. j-man911 Dec 08, 2007 my xobx 360 never loads the games even if they are new and clean or scratched my xobx 360 never loads the games even if they are Step 1. http://upxpress.net/xbox-360/xbox-360-and-ps3-and-pc.php If you want to convert Blu-ray/DVD to Xbox 360 with multiple audio tracks/subtitles and chapter markers preserved, Pavtube ByteCopy will be a good choice.

My xbox 360 will play original xbox games but when i put a 360 game in it it say i must put it into a xbox 360 to play it. I have the same problem!!! nhotboy92 Nov 09, 2008 same thing same thing codysmith92 Nov 09, 2008 im bout tierd of xbox 360 they were made cheaply and pieces of ***** i spent 300 dollars to