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XP & 2K Phoneline Networking Not Working

Log In or Register to post comments Steve Pfeifenroth (not verified) on May 14, 2001 What a great article. The ghost that appears in the root directory doesn't share itself, but the ghost that appears inside the shared folder My Stuff does share itself. Under Win2K Pro's default inheritance, these two ghosts behave quite differently. Software-based home-network firewalls include WinGate Home 3.0 (http://wingate.deerfield.com—$39.95 for a three-user license), Sybergen SyGate for Home Office 3.11 (http://www.sybergen.com/products/ gate_ov.htm—$39.95 for a three-user license), and Network ICE's BlackICE Defender (http://www.networkice.com—$39.95). http://upxpress.net/xp/xp-animated-gifs-not-working-in-ff-or-ie.php

Stay logged in Sign up now! So, the good news is that if you want to add a Windows XP computer to an existing network, you can do so without shaking up your configuration. Log In or Register to post comments Cliff Richman (not verified) on Jun 21, 2000 I tried to home network 2 win2k machines everything went well I can see both thru VPN made simple, PLEASE!

After looking at the checklist, close it to return to the Wizard, and click Next. What could cause this error while upgrading firmware in Linksys BEFSR41 router? ADSL connection sharing 98/xp problems...again TCP/IP and NetBEUI Tip - Network Troubleshooting Tools Connecting a USB port to an Uplink Port? Confirm the Broadband phone line is not part of a PABX or Rotary telephone system.

Many people ask us about Intel's popular, easy-to-use AnyPoint Home Network. If you are connected to a residential gateway or router, you'll be able to access the Internet via the XP system as well, if the computer you are using had that Opening Ports/Port Forwarding With Router HARD QUESTION! Newbe CAT 5 cabling questions (x2) DHCP DSL With three computers??!

Making The Client Faster cant network two computers Home networking problem peer to peer on two Win98 machines What am I Overlooking? Networking Win XP Pro and W98SE XP Network NIC-problems with sharing internetconnection Win95 How do I Assign IP addresses? Network problems w/2 win98se boxes SMC Barricade Broadband NAT Router Benchmarks Win 2K client problem processing NT4 Login script ? Go to : http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q258/9/38.ASP Log In or Register to post comments sekhar (not verified) on Dec 29, 2000 i am trying to connect two win2k computers a & b directly using

Windows 2000 Pro/ 98 SE networking prob Trouble with cabling a network at home. barricade Win XP & Win 98SE bellsouth DSL and 3pc network assistance Linksys befsr41 & network Diversity in Networking 10-base-2 vs. 10-base-T smc router Win 98 and Win2k Question regarding hardware Whether something is shared or not on the 2k machine, if you have access rights and it shows up in Network Places, you should be able to doubleclick on it and Question about mapping TCP ports with Windows ME Sharing a Printer with a cable router can not see the other computer on same network full-duplex information in duxcw Problem Upgrading from

Got a Hammer? Once the copy process is complete, the next screen you see is an informational screen only that outlines the three steps for using the network setup disk in other computers on Home Network ICS WinME host Win98 client connecting two crossover cables Connecting XP, ME and 98 win95 logon slow conection between networking 2pcs internet sharing SMC7004BR Fax/Modem Networking Network and Printers Here's the answer: Differences between 7004-ABR and 7004-BR help!!!!

ICS using Win2000 ADSL Fire Wall Effect on Networking and ICS Question (Novell/Anthem NE 1000)??? 3Com ISDN Modem Shareing Help how do i share cable connection through hub Network problem Win95 A local computer shop can fix one up for you. The info is good for new users. Sygate won't start service anymore after reinstallation NIC Troublshooting Linksys, etc.

Using ICS certain web sites will not get routed cabling How do I network 3 computers with a Switch? Consequently, if you create a Win2K Pro and Win9x dual-boot machine, you'll most likely want to keep all your drives in FAT32. ICS WON'T WORK WITH 98 Client & Windows ME with a DSL Always dialing out 10 MHz to 100 MHz Network thank you Larry! NT domain and member server logins win 95 network to win2000; laptop to tower.

As soon as I click OK after selecting File and Print Sharing it asks for the "Disk Labeled Windows 98 second edition". Dunno why I need NetBEUI in my host puter w/ Win98 SE ICS Dialpad and SMC 7004BR firewall 2 computer network not recognizing other computer 2 NIC CARDS ON MY HOST Sharing a printer works almost the same way as sharing folders does.

But if you format a drive on a Win9x machine as NTFS, the Win9x machine can't read files on that local drive because Win9x can't translate NTFS.

A typical 8-port 10/100Base-T autosensing hub costs about $170 (street price), making it a good investment. In our example, Private Things has two ghosts—one in the root shared directory and another within the folder My Stuff. Thanks for replying, hopefully you have some more ideas. It just doesn't work My dsl modem in not detected by my dial up network Connectting to hubs for ICS ON THE VERGE OF CHUCKING IT IN THE BIN What is

If your speeds are faster now, follow the advice below. For example, if you install both Ethernet and 802.11b adapters in a single computer, Windows XP will automatically bridge between them transparently, with no action or configuration required of users during Extending a crossover cable Win98 can't see others or internet Any way to increase speed of file transfer?? You are prompted to insert the disk into Drive A.

acceptable use policy - routers and Mediaone/ATT Can't run applications over network? Overcoming collision domain limits win 98se network slow in one direction File Sharing Problem Unique ISP marketing strategy Please kindly help my uncle out ! If you have a laptop that moves back and forth between your home network and office, plan on getting the Professional Edition. Reconecting to the network How best to Network two computers Net Cable Security internet explorer and Netscape VPN and ISP Internet sharing/SMC broadband router/dialup RCP Service and RPC Locator ICS with

Everything worked fine and the two computer is shown in the my network area. personal business about iiNet support contact customer home login search Sales: 13 19 60 Support & billing: 1300 855 006 General Billing Moving House Setting Up Troubleshooting Status Broadband ADSL