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XP - Incorrect Memory Registry


It depends on us whether to use it or not. I appreciate your willingness to share knowledge instead of keeping it to yourself. Remove extra toolbars from your Windows taskbar and from your Internet browser. 64. Then delete the files System.dat and User.dat. get redirected here

Do not do this if you are unsure if any files are corrupted. 5) Every month if your system is working fine and you are not getting any file errors; you Believe me, I tried to beat some linux guys at university. The access time to a remote drive or even partition will be slower. So, if you have a lot of RAM, you don't need a pagefile, right?

In Which Of The Following Locations Is The Key To Enable The Admin Account In The Registry?

If you want to determine how much of the pagefile is actually being used, you can download Bill James' various pagefile utilities, which are available at this Web site. Aseem says: 8 years ago @Will - I wrote reformatting the computer as one of the tips, however, I think it's also something not a lot of people know how to To accomplish this you can use one of two programs.

When you first start up QikFix it will tell you how to do this if it is not currently installed. WinSafe will save the current Registry in the Safe the next time you backup. Log In or Register to post comments Anonymous User (not verified) on May 4, 2005 I have 1.2 gigs of RAM and a 200 meg set pagefile on my XP box Tweet Like Google+ Comments [197] Pliggs says: 8 years ago Wow, that's a long list, better get started.

I'm pretty sure that it does not work with XP SP3, so I assumed I would not work with newer Windows versions. 5 Easy Ways to Speed Up a Slow Windows Ccleaner Speed up the Start Menu in Vista by hacking the MenuShowDelay key in the registry. 44. Log In or Register to post comments Anonymous User (not verified) on Aug 21, 2005 Apparently this is not a good thing. We all know that *nix systems are NOT for everybody and will never be the mainstream home OS.

Our program Registry Drill has the ability in the deep drill to display all files that really should not be shared. Full Bio Contact See all of Justin's content Google+ @justin_m_james × Full Bio Justin James is the Lead Architect for Conigent. I've been using the FREE Ubuntu OS for some time and find it easier to use and much faster then Windows. WinSafe will add two new menu items to the Files Menu Bar Item .


He is in charge of research and product development at both organizations. In Windows XP and Vista, the Windows Search indexing service is turned on for all local hard drives. In Which Of The Following Locations Is The Key To Enable The Admin Account In The Registry? Or you can use the Windows Backup tool and create a System State backup. Before importing the Registry you may want to consider reinstalling the software that will not run.

Disable sync negotiation for the SCSI controller. Vijay says: 8 years ago Very useful tips. adding to that its good to put your paging memory on a separate hard drive if youve got 2 or a separate partition. I am not too much into tech but face the problem of a slow computer.

It is much faster and infinitely more stable than any Windows OS. Now remember that these are only clues, because any one of these conditions can exist if the information in the Registry is corrupted. If you run across any problems refer to the Registry Problem section. http://upxpress.net/xp/xp-dos-game-protostar-memory-problem.php In recent years, things have changed.

But that presumes that your applications are constantly hitting the registry and that your registry is in such poor shape that the junk is a significant part of it. Try again to compact the Registry. Speed up boot time by disabling unused ports on your Windows machine. 29.

Ensure that all IDE devices are appropriately configured as Master/Salve/Only.

This will help speed up opening of files. 79. Congratulations! Make icons appear faster while browsing in My Computer by disabling search for network files and printers. 31. I'd say 1/5th or so of these methods are actually valid enough to work and not break a computer if a novice is performing these steps.

Average Joe at home WILL find the transition to Linux a struggle, and at the end of the day not worth the hassle. It will speed up the file creation process. 77. Check it out you! Of course this is only with games, if I were a programmer, or graphic artist, I would most likely use a page file.

If your XP or Vista computer is not using NFTS, make sure you convert your FAT disk to the NTFS file system. 53. Move or change the location of your My Documents folder so that it is on a separate partition or hard drive. 27. Install more RAM if you are running XP with less than 512 MB or Vista with less than 1 GB of RAM. 46. To find these errors use the Find IOS Errors in RegRepair 2000.

It limits the amount of resources the CPU dedicates to each program. Replace a slow hard drive with a faster 7200 RPM drive, SATA drive, or SAS drive. 61. I was using Nero 6 Deluxe & when I was done it still maintained the 700MB of Ram that it initially allocated." Windows frees up RAM only when needed and, when Note that since I write two blogs, Help Desk Geek and Online Tech Tips, I have previously written about many performance tips already which I will link back to throughout.